Retrofitting a conventional tube bundle with SPINTUBE is the most cost effective and simple way of improving the performance of your heat exchanger fleet. The unique profile of SPINTUBE provides up to 40% better heat transfer performance than the round tube of a conventional shell and tube heat exchanger.

IMB & VRV Acquisition

The acquisition of VRV and IMB adds a range of specialty heat exchangers, reactors and vessels that extends Chart’s portfolio into upstream gas processing and refining.

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Product brochure for SPINTUBE replacement bundles

SPINTUBE Replacement Bundles

Lummus Advanced Breech-Lock Exchanger® (LABLEX®)

Lummus先进的后膛锁交换机® is typically used in hydrocracking, hydro-treating, gas compression, ammonia/urea synthesis, methanol and other high temperature and high pressure applications with rich hydrogen streams.

Hairpin Heat Exchangers

Hairpin Heat Exchangers use true counter-current flow. Unlike multi-pass shell and-tube designs where correction factors are used to account for inefficiencies resulting from counter current passes, this process maximizes temperature differences between shell-side and tube-side fluids.


HELIXCHANGER® heat exchangers facilitate helical fluid flow on the shell-side providing performance advantages versus conventional baffled shell and tube units.

Heat Exchangers for Offshore

Maximizing performance while minimizing space is the most critical aspect of every offshore installation. From large hairpin heat exchanger installations to sub-sea coolers, we offer the most comprehensive selection of custom designed tubular heat exchanger products and solutions. Furthermore, our technical consultancy, training and aftermarket service is second to none.


The round tube of a conventional shell and tube heat exchanger has a uniform cross-section that is less effective for heat transfer performance. Because of the tangential velocity component, Spintube introduces additional turbulence and, because the tubes are in direct contact with each other, it produces a tighter tube pitch (more tubes per shell), and is self-supporting, which eliminates baffles.

Applications include:

  • Crude preheat trains
  • 冷却器列车(例如胺服务)
  • Condensers
  • Reboilers and vaporizers
  • Feed-effluent转化器
    • Horizontal, high pressure (e.g. hydrocracker)
    • Vertical (e.g. Texas Towers)
  • Compressor gas coolers


使用> 700个单位的服务,IMB建造的Lablex®单位代表世界已安装数据库的50%。

LABLEX is suitable for services with high pressures on both the shell and tube sides and those with high pressure only on the tube side.

IMB Lummus Advanced Breech-Lock Exchanger

Introducing SPINTUBE

Retrofitting a tube bundle with SPINTUBE is the most cost effective way of improving performance.

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Chart's specialty heat exchangers, reactors and vessels are engineered and manufactured in Italy by our IMB and VRV subsidiaries.

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