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Because of its high diffusivity, extremely low density, wide flammability range and ultra-low temperature in liquid form, hydrogen presents a series of unique challenges for its safe and economical storage and distribution.

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Liquid Hydrogen Storage

Liquid hydrogen storage eliminates high pressure cylinders and tanks and is a more compact and energy dense solution than gaseous storage. Chart is the undisputed leader in cryogenic liquid hydrogen storage with > 800 tanks in hydrogen service around the world for aerospace, FCEV fuel stations, FC forklift fueling, liquefaction and many industrial applications.

Transport Trailers

Capacities from 6,000 to 17,600 US gallons. By incorporating the same superior insulation and high quality construction that we use with our stationary tanks we minimize net evaporation rate and boil-off gas Manufacturing and servicing facilities in US and Europe and recent addition of a fully equipped specialist facility in Theodore, AL.

Metering Systems

Flowcom® flow metering systems are proven to deliver significant benefits to fleet managers and driver-operators. Simple, convenient and safe to operate, our high precision meters are designed specifically for hydrogen service, offer Bluetooth® data transfer and comply with recognized standards and measurement requirements.


Plate fin heat exchangers (PFHE) are highly efficient, compact, low weight units and principal components in the hydrogen liquefaction process. Chart has been providing PFHE for hydrogen service for many decades and our superior fin geometries and vacuum brazing technology are your guarantee of the most energy efficient heat exchange solution and highest vacuum leak test integrity.

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Learn more about how Chart is at the forefront of the energy transition to hydrogen.

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