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About Hudson Products

Large projects? Technical complexity? No problem! Hudson thrives on a challenge. Whether that’s a harsh environment, extreme process conditions, special alloys, a tight project schedule or large project scope, Hudson will help!

Chart acquired Hudson Products in 2018 and, together with the other leading brands in our portfolio, we offer air cooled heat exchanger solutions for a huge variety of applications.

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Building a clean energy future

Since 2014 Gaslink has been using a fleet of Chart ISO containers to transport LNG to the gas fired power station on the island of Madeira.

More than 10,000 deliveries of clean burning natural gas have prevented 270,000 tons of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere as well as > 3,000 tons of SOx, > 12,000 tons of NOx and > 150 tons of particulates.

Tuf-Lite Axial Flow Fans

Hudson launched the first Tuf-Lite® axial flow fan in 1955, and with the launch of the latest generation Tuf-Lite IV in 2019, we’re still setting the standards and pushing the boundaries of performance, reliability, and innovation.

Tuf-Lite axial flow fan

Tuf-Lite® provides 15 to 60% more airflow, better reliability, out performs the competition in head to head comparisons and is backed with an industry leading 36 month warranty across the range.

Tuf-Lite ultra high temperature axial flow fan

With more than 250,000 Hudson axial flow fans in use worldwide, Tuf-Lite® fans are far and away the preferred fan by the most demanding plant operators.

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Hudson Service

Choose Hudson Service for aftermarket services including installation, cleaning, inspections, trouble-shooting, repairs, maintenance, field installations, plant upgrades or replacement of underperforming equipment.


Hudson Service有资源和专业知识来迅速有效地回应您的需求,让您在线和富有成效。

We service all air cooled heat exchangers, including those manufactured by our competitors, both in the field and at our Beasley, TX facility.

Hudson air cooled heat exchanger service

Let us make the improvements that make you more profitable.

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