Product Range

Complete range of semi-trailers, bulk transport trailers, containers, swap bodies and fixed bodies.


Designed in accordance with the following codes and approvals:


Tailored solutions according to the specific requirements of our customers:

  • Tank volumes from a few thousand to several tens of thousands of liters
  • 设计毛重高达80吨
  • Different pressure stages from 2 to > 30 bars
  • Wide range of electric and hydraulic pumps, compressors and measurement systems
  • Rear, side and middle cabinet options
  • Stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel chassis options available

Parts, Service, Rental & Repairs


全面的库存备件。Service includes pan-European collect-and-return service and global air-freight of critical components. As part of the global Chart group we have access to service partners in many European countries.

Maintenance & Repairs

我们提供各种罐车(天然气,液体和散装)和所有品牌的维修和维护。我们还根据ADR和压力设备指令,提供了几种定期检查(批准/坦克测试/通用检查/排放测试/安全检查/ uvv),包括TÜV,GL,BV,DEKRA,RDW,SGS-TÜV,APRAGAZ。

Rental Trailers

To bridge delivery lead times for new trailers, or temporary replacement vehicles during larger repairs or refurbishments, GOFA has an inventory of rental trailers including cryogenic air gases (LIN, LOX, LAR) and LPG (propane, butane). We also operate a pan-European trailer pickup and delivery service with our own vehicles or through partner companies.

Refurbishments and Regenerations

Whether it's accident damage, extending fleet lifetime as an alternative to new investment, updating to the latest technology or simply refreshing the look of your vehicles, GOFA is fully equipped to carry out all repairs, refurbishments and regenerations.

Interesting Facts


Clean-Burning Energy

Delivering clean energy solutions

Each of Chart's 1000 m3 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) tanks provides sufficient clean-burning natural gas energy to meet the average family's demand for 500 years.


Introducing the new generation of cryogenic transport trailers for the European market. A combined effort from our GOFA, Flow Instruments and VCT Vogel subsidiaries.

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