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About Cryo Technologies

The skill set of Cryo Technologies' staff is second to none in the industry. Our people possess extensive education, knowledge and experience in all engineering and design disciplines, including: process, mechanical, instrumentation and controls, safety, quality assurance and project management.
Chart acquired Cryo Technologies in 2021 with the two companies having previously worked together for more than 20 years.

“We could not be more excited to welcome Rick and the Cryo Technologies team into the Chart family, Their world class, differentiated cryogenic engineering expertise, global project experience in hydrogen and helium liquefaction coupled with our process technologies, brazed aluminum heat exchanger and cold box manufacturing capabilities creates the only multi-molecule full-solution liquefaction and equipment offering in the world.” Jill Evanko, Chart CEO and President.

Interesting Facts


Building a clean energy future

Since 2014 Gaslink has been using a fleet of Chart ISO containers to transport LNG to the gas fired power station on the island of Madeira.

More than 10,000 deliveries of clean burning natural gas have prevented 270,000 tons of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere as well as > 3,000 tons of SOx, > 12,000 tons of NOx and > 150 tons of particulates.


  • Hydrogen liquefaction
  • Helium liquefaction
  • Natural gas liquefaction (LNG)
  • Cryogenic purification - helium and hydrogen
  • Helium recycling
  • Nitrogen liquefaction and reliquefaction
  • Warm gas purification
  • Vacuum insulated pipe and distribution
  • Cold gas compression
  • 单体复苏

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Global supplier of custom cryogenic and non-cryogenic processing systems and equipment.

General Enquiries +1 610 530 7288

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To learn more about Cryo Technologies, visit their website atwww.cryotechnologies.com.

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