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Leading the way in the design and manufacture of durable air cooled heat exchangers for the natural gas and energy industries since 1954. Chart acquired Air-X-Changers and Hammco in 2019.

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BlueInGreen empowers water professionals to achieve their treatment objectives with the lowest combination of risk and costs while driving enhanced outcomes for people, communities and the planet.

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CCESC serves two major sectors; the transition to a lower carbon energy future through LNG and the efficent distribution, storage and end-use of air gases, CO2 and others across a complete range of applications including science, leisure, industry, medical, food and beverage.

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Chart Ferox

Chart Ferox is conveniently located in the Czech Republic city of Decin and has a global reputation for excellence and innovation.

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Cofimco S.r.l.

Cofimco is the world's leading manufacturer of extruded aluminum fans and provides an extensive portfolio of fiberglass fans.

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    Cryo Technologies

    Cryo Technologies是定制工程过程系统的专家,用于分离,净化,冷藏,液化和分配高价值工业气体,如氢气,氦气,氩气和碳氢化合物,为氢气和氦气使用的冷箱设计能力。亚愽彩票app

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    Flow measurement specialists for cryogenic air gases, CO2, LNG, hydrogen, propane, LPG and AdBlue. Home of the Dynaflow 3000 dispenser, the industry benchmark for LNG vehicle fueling stations.

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    GOFA is an internationally established specialist for the design and manufacture of cryogenic and non-cryogenic mobile units for the distribution of gases, liquids and bulk goods, including hazardous cargoes. Based in Germany, GOFA operates from a 100,000 m2 site of which a quarter is covered work and office space.

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    Hudson started building its reputation more than 75 years ago pioneering the technology to solve urgent production problems in the field. Today, with hundreds of thousands of products hard at work in plants around the globe, it is a world renowned brand for air-cooled heat exchangers and home to Tuf-Lite® axial flow fans.

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    Industrie Meccaniche di Bagnolo (IMB)


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    The Smithco name and its Amercool Division have long been associated with design and manufacture of dependable, long-lasting, air cooled heat exchangers serving the specialized needs of natural gas processing and transmission facilities, power generation and other heavy industries.

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    可持续能源解决方案(SES) develops innovative solutions to sustainability problems within the energy industry. To date SES has 44 US patents issued, a further 17 pending and 20 patents issued internationally.

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    VCT Vogel.GmbH

    全套服务组织专业in the repair and servicing of mobile cryogenic delivery vehicles used in the transportation of liquid gases.

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    Chart's acquisition of VRV significantly expanded our installed database for cryogenic storage products, provided additional engineering and manufacturing facilities in Europe and India and expanded our specialty heat transfer equipment scope in the petrochemicals and refining sectors through VRV's energy and chemicals division.

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